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White teeth and sparkling smile

Chandler Park Dental Care is delighted to present a wide range of tooth-whitening options for our beloved patients.. You can opt for several procedures at home, use gentle whiteners to remove the discoloration on the surface and strong ones to eliminate the deepest stains or even seek our professional help for the same. Based on the various tooth-whitening products used in all these instances, let us discuss three main types for sparkling teeth that lets you ooze with confidence.

  • Whitening toothpastes
  • Home-use Whiteners
  • In-office bleaching

1) Whitening toothpastes - These products act gently on the surface of your teeth to remove superficial stains. They can only whiten the teeth to an extent as they perform a polishing action on the tooth surface, Also, these Whitening toothpastes do not contain bleaching chemicals and hence, they pose no serious side effects. However, these toothpastes can diminish the stains when used for a long period of time regularly.

2) Home-use Whiteners - Home-use Whiteners come in the form of trays or strips which are usually recommended by a doctor or can be bought from a local pharmacy over the counter. The content of these whiteners mainly includes a chemical called peroxide, which acts on the tooth enamel to lighten it. The doctor typically suggests patients to wear these strips for upper or lower teeth based on the stains and discolors. It is advised only for a specific period of time in the day or at night, after which it might cause some irritation.

3) In-office Whitening - Procedures at our dental care use bleaching agents that contain more peroxide and hence, it is a proven resort to whiten the teeth at a faster rate. It often takes about an hour to perform, and the gum tissues are safeguarded against peroxide with a protective agent.

Confidence at your Comfort and Convenience

You can always consult us at your convenience to get your teeth whitened following all safety measures. When you decide to make use of whitening products by yourself, consult a dentist and follow the guidelines with due diligence. Whitening treatment might induce sensitivity for a limited time. Having completed your whitening treatment, keep in mind to clean your teeth regularly and avoid the intake of foods and beverages that might cause stains. If taken proper care, your whitened teeth can stay shining and glowing for a long time.

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