Your Comfort

Sedation Dentistry Means Dental Care in Complete Comfort

We understand that some patients have had traumatic experiences during dental care. Some tools, sounds, and smells make it a terrifying experience for the dentally challenged. Now we can change all the fear into a calm and anxiety-free dental experience. Our full range of sedation dentistry options can make your visits actually easy for you.

dental-sedationDental Sedation Dentist Bowling Green KY The first option is oral conscious sedation. One hour before your appointment, you take a pill we have given you. When you arrive for your appointment you will already feel relaxed and eventually reach a deeper level of sedation that still allows you to be able to answer questions when asked by the doctor. Your vital signs will be monitored throughout the treatment. When you are finished, someone drives you home and within an hour, you are back to normal. You maintain a level of consciousness, but have no fearful reaction to the work being performed. We know some patients have fear at the thought of losing control of consciousness. But with conscious sedation, you still have control and know what’s happening, but your anxieties have been relieved. We also offer IV sedation for those who require a deeper level of relaxation. The doctor is able to control the sedation more precisely throughout your treatment, keeping you extremely comfortable while you undergo care.

Sedation dentistry works well for those who are very resistant to anesthesia. They simply do not get numb from a shot. And for those who don’t have the time for repeated visits or want to accomplish more work in one visit, sedation makes it easy to get more treatment in a single visit! We also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for some cases requiring the lightest degree of relaxation.