Children’s Dentist

family-dentistryWe Give Your Kids the Thoughtful Care They Need!

We understand that children can be nervous about dental appointments. So our caring, friendly team makes them feel comfortable and puts them at complete ease at their very first visit. We use the latest advancements in children’s dentistry that result in less time in the dental chair with little to no discomfort. We show them proper cleaning methods for their teeth and always encourage them to continue these good habits every day so they will have a beautiful smile for a lifetime. We enjoy helping them and seeing how they grow and change year after year.

No More Dental Fears

If your children have anxieties about visiting a dentist, we can help them forget those worries. According to our many parents, their children enjoy coming to our office for their appointments in our happy, relaxed atmosphere. If your child is scared, anxious, or upset, we can relieve their fears, so they can have a calm and easy visit.

Choosing Your Child’s Dentist for the Very Best Care

A lifetime of good dental health requires two things that we provide: excellent care of your child’s teeth during each visit, and a focus on teaching them the importance of good daily care of their teeth at home. Children’s teeth are prone to cavities for several reasons. Kids may not always brush well by themselves, especially before they develop fine motor skills. We encourage parents to make sure they do a good job. Children also eat more often throughout the day, and chewing food produces acid. Prolonged exposure speeds up the development of decay. Ensuring good eating and hygiene habits will reduce the chances of cavities. An application of a fluoride varnish on the teeth will mineralize them, and is another way to lessen the occurrence of decay.

Preventing Tooth Decay in Children and Adolescents

dental-sealantsSometimes even careful brushing won’t clean the deep grooves in back teeth. As plaque builds up, a cavity will eventually form. The tooth is permanently damaged even with a small cavity and will need a filling. But modern technology provides additional protection with dental sealants to reduce the incidences of decay and prevent the need for fillings. After the teeth have been cleaned and sterilized, the doctor applies a thin, clear coat of sealant. With a curing light, the sealant is bonded to the tooth. This whole procedure takes only a few minutes, with no shots or drills. This is the best preventive measure for children and adolescents to preserve their natural teeth.