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Chandler Park Dental Care welcomes you to the facility of Sedation dentistry that makes you calm and relaxed with dental treatment. We have caring dentists and staff to consider every patient’s pain and desire to be cured of it.

There is always a sense of fear associated when it comes to dentist appointments despite the age of a person. Phobia of pain drives people at times even to become unconscious. This specific feature is to make you feel comfortable and painless during the process of the treatment.

In simple terms, Sedation dentistry is a process where people are dosed with anti-anxiety or sedative drugs depending on the dental procedure. Anti-anxiety drugs help with relaxing and sedative drugs put them unconscious. It can also be referred to by other terms like oral sedation, anesthesia, and so on. There are different types of sedation like general anesthesia, local and conscious anesthesia.

Local sedation is given for minor procedures like single dental implants. Conscious anesthesia makes the person relax from getting anxious during the procedure. In both, sedations people will be conscious and feel slight drowsiness, but do not feel any pain. Whereas, General anesthesia is the strongest level of sedation. When sedated the person will become completely unconscious and will not be aware of the treatment.

Sedation is given depending on the height, weight, process involved, even by the food intake before the procedure. It will for sure differ from person to person. They reduce the pressure of the blood resulting in reducing anxiety and stress. Sedation Dentistry is recommended for treatments like whole mouth implants, bone grafting, lower pain tolerance, and more extensive complicated procedures.

Ambien is a sedative drug medication, which works as a magical remedy for people with a fear of dental issues. It helps with the chemical imbalance in the brain and puts people to relax and move to a state of sleep. It is one of the most trusted medications by a majority of dentists. Ambien provokes a drowsy feeling in the patient and makes them unconscious. People who sedated by taking Ambien will never even remember the pain or about the dental treatment. Ambien is prescribed by dentists to take a day before the treatment which will help with the brain receptors that create fear and anxiety.

Though tramadol seems to be an aid with the pain. It comes in carrying some serious risk factors such as seizures, addiction, rapid heart beat, breathing problem, blood pressure, etc. It is necessary to know about the medication and the dosage should be supervised as per the prescription.

Ambien is a miraculous game-changer in taking away your pain. Despite those pros, some dangerous side effects come with it. These sedative drugs should not be taken without proper guidelines. Being conscious about the negative impact it could have on a person is necessary.

There are always risks attached to these prescribed drugs when the dosage exceeds. Do not go on easy with the sedative drugs. Sedated patients are always on constant observation of their vitals. Please consult a physician or a dentist before taking any drug unless prescribed. Make your dental appointments with no fear of pain. In Chandler Park dental care, we assure cure and safety.